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Frontline nurses need resources but between 12 hour shifts, sometimes without breaks, when are we supposed to stay up to date on the latest research and practices?


Welcome to the Wellness Warriors Podcast.


This podcast was created so you can be up to date on the latest information and research while on the go. Listen in as we interview guests who are on the forefront of the latest research and practices that you need to know.

Follow Wellness Warriors on your favorite podcast app so you can focus on your patients and their care and remember, if you are an RN, you can receive Nursing Continuing Professional development (NCPD) Contact Hours.

How to receive Contact Hours?

To receive Contact Hours please follow these 5 steps:


Fill out our Pre-Podcast Survey. (4 questions - takes less than a minute)


Listen to all available Wellness Warriors Podcast episodes to gather all information necessary to pass the NCPD Contact Hours Test.


Thank you for listening. Please fill out our Post Listening Poll.

(4 questions takes less than a minute)


Please fill out our Podcast Evaluation Survey.

(5 questions takes less than a minute)


Now that you've listened to the Podcast, you will be asked to provide contact information via the registration form in order to receive Contact Hours. When registered, your NCPD Podcast Test results can be saved, evaluated and you will receive a confirmation from us.


Please take the NCPD Podcast Test so we can help you receive your Contact Hours. Your score needs to be 80% or higher (8 correct answers out of 10) for us to be able to send your Contact Hours.

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